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Harold Payne, Singer/Songwriter/Improv Artist

Private Event Service Offerings

Imagine a performer who is a cross between Don Henley and Wayne Brady. Multi-platinum songwriter Harold Payne creates Pinnacle moments for your Event or Conference, using Custom and Improvised Songs tailored to your Event to entertain, inspire, and involve your participants.


These featured performances are soulful, heartfelt, humorous and, most importantly, entertaining.  Whether it’s a small intimate affair or a large private event, you will enjoy Harold Payne’s unique talent at capturing the essence of an occasion and translating it into music.


Harold is available for any special event that needs to be remembered!



IMPROV from title taken from audience:



MP3- Regis_song regis_to_kimmel






A 5 -15 minute featured presentation including custom and improvised songs from among the following choices:

  • Custom Song – created based on the information you provide for an honoree, a theme, or special occasion.
  • Recap Improvisation Song – immediately after activities or at end of the day, Harold summarizes the event with a “on the spot” song/
  • Live Improvisation Song – created from live audience suggestions.




Songcatures™ – short musical vignettes created on-the-spot for individual guests or groups. These can be done either “strolling” or from the stage.


Improv Booth


Ongoing throughout an event, an Improv Booth is a place where people can stop by and get their own Custom Improvised song after a brief conversation, Harold’s observation, or filled out questionnaire.


Sweetheart Serenades


Love Songs improvised for couples who either provide a brief questionnaire or information on-the-spot which can be performed while strolling or from the stage (great for anniversaries, engagements, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, or just because).


Additional Offerings:


  • Roast and Toast Award Presentation Songs
  • Theme Songs
  • Group Recognition Songs


Recordings to Preserve the Memory:

  • Live performances can be captured in the moment via audio or video recording and either provided as is or edited for a nominal additional fee.
  • Studio recordings of custom songs can be provided at an additional fee after the event.




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(818) 376-1380

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